What would happen if all the colour was removed from one of the worlds most colourful cities?

What would Bombay be without colour? How would the city look in Black and White? Would it’s colourful character still shine through a B&W exposure? Or will it drain the colour off the city? Or would it emphasize it?

What better way to appreciate the colourful splendour of this city than through a Black and White lens?

On the day of Diwali, a journey was undertaken from Santa Cruz to the end of land at the southern most tip of the Marine Drive promenade – Nariman Point, to lay the groundwork for project Colours of Bambai.

There are several sights in Mumbai which are wonderful, each of which, in its own unique way causes a flutter in your heart and affects each of us in a different way. Over the next few weeks, you will see an attempt to slice off the quintessential  from these commonly uncommon sights. An attempt that will attempt to capture the unusual fingerprint of this incredible city, some commonly uncommon sights in some uncommonly common spots.

Here is a pilot view –


Scenes of Solitude



Love is in the air