About Pathe

Pathe is about my experiments and eager indulgence in pointless rambling.

Whether you are a returning visitor or a first timer, I must emphasize that by not being a regular visitor you are going to lose nothing. That, having been said, by being a regular visitor, you are going to gain nothing either.

I have no message to give you through these posts. The only thing that is close enough to qualify as a mission statement of this blog is good old rambling Pathe and I shall continue putting pathe to the best of my ability.

For those of you reading a Pathe post for the first time, Pathe is a Tam word. Let me explain.

Firstly, Pathe is not pronounced ‘Pathay’. And it’s not short for Seethapathy or Ganapathy or Raghupathy. Or the pati of some Tam girl with jasmine propped up and skillfully held up by oiled hair. Slippery-when-oily notwithstanding.

It’s not pronounced ‘Pathee’ either.

Its ‘pæthth’.And yes, like I said, its Tam. Actually, a clipped version of the Tam word, Peththal.

After years of thinking, years of restlessness, years of enduring a constant itch to write, I found a moment when I could overcome inertia and make a start. This Blog.

I may be Tam, but this is not going to be all opinion. Not exclusively politics or Cricket or careers or jobs. Not education. Not travel.

But yes everything. In fact anything. Anything and everything amounting to nothing. Strictly. In short, rambling, uttering, whining nonsense. Pathe!

There is no single word in English that can capture the essence of Pathe. Pathe essentially is a digressive, excursive, meandering, swanning, pointless ramble.

And all you’ll see here is just Pathe. Ergo, JustPathe. And ergo Pathe.


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