After years of indulging in this hobby, I am hitting the 100th post only now. With this one you are reading. A nice landmark for sure. As I look back at all the poop thats gotten on to these pages, I can’t help but reflect what a journey it has been.

I’ve had a lot of fun. And it looks like many of you have had fun too. And if statistics can be believed, the total number of visits is over 15 thousand. Which may sound like a big number, but it really is not – considering that I’ve been at this for several years, have not been consistent, or even good in qualitative terms.

But it can’t be denied, however humble I try to sound, that this site has become popular as hell. It has reached a point where people visit these pages for almost any reason one can think of. So I pulled out google search terms that have led some stray visitors to Pathe what I found is incredibly insightful.

For example. Someone visited Pathe because he was looking for ways to implicate his wife because she scratched his car with keys. Here is the search term he used to get to Pathe:

+wife +car +keys +scratch

Maybe he wanted to find ways to scratch his wife with his car keys. Or scratch his wife with his car, but couldn’t find the keys. Maybe his wife scratched his face and he was looking for her car keys. I can’t be sure which it was. But I was able to touch his life. Be a part of his moment of anxious search for an answer.

Did I make a difference to him? My gut feel, is a resounding no. Because his search let him to one of the most dreadful posts I have written. I probably put him in more trauma than he was in to start with.

Another example of a couple of strange searches  –

bare chest football

bare chested men

Can’t imagine the man’s (or woman’s) disappointment when it led him to this post.

Another disappointment I dished out to a hopeful reader looking for “kerala kutties in saris” was when he was let down from lofty search objectives by a Pathe post.

Who wanted to analyze “management lessons from malgudi days” I don’t know, but came to Pathe to find out.

Well, I am sure you have a rough idea what a big responsibility it is to keep the world a happy, smiling, laughing place. My shoulders are here to bear all that responsibility and I am not complaining.

Please continue to search random things and do visit regularly with family and friends.