This is piping hot.

I was outside our neighbourhood DVD lending Library about half hour ago and I happened to see this paradoxical sight. I simply had to click it, Blog it and share it with you.

T would disapprove of taking pictures without asking for permission, but this time, I know couldn’t have. So I chopped off the head. Well, photoshopped it off – we won’t have violence on this family Blog.


So what is it really? Are we in an era where it is more important to Appear cool than actually Be a cool person inside out? This picture is telling. It’s not just about this boy or about smoking, but the whole attitude all of us seem to have these days.

I do. I confess. And if my reading is right, I believe this is true with almost everyone around me.

Maybe it’s the retail revolution. Maybe its the mass media. The extent of branding, advertising and build up of perceived glory. Everything is branded and we are brainwashed into believing everything we have, everything we possess, everything we do can be pedigree – and the degree of pedigree that we are able to demonstrate now seems to define our image, to define us as a brand.

Maybe this picture tells us of our internal conflicts…and this likely is a message the boy is giving to himself. I don’t know.  But we need a revolution of reversal.

A change – inside out.