• When Paratta is spelt Parota and Pronounced Brotta and has NOTHING to do with Parantha, but instead looks like this.
  • When the waiter suggests Chicken Manchurian as a gravy item for Chappppathhhiy
  • When they give you one spoon when you ask for  ‘spoon’ to eat your Idlis. And it turns out to be a Teaspoon
  • When at 9 pm you want Idli, but they say they don’t serve Idli now because it is lunch time.
  • When the line between Cold Drinks and Cool drinks merge and confuse the nuts out of your life.
  • When Coke half litre is sold at Rs.2 more because it is marked up with ‘cooling’ charges (and yet, the Coke is as cold as piss of a horse after a race at Mahalaxmi Race Course on a hot day)
  • Taking a PTC bus is easier on the heart rate, BP and Adrenalin than taking an autorickshaw.
  • If you igore the health hazard above, and still choose instead spend 15 minutes being interviewed by an Autowallah before you can get a ride to a place.
  • When you blow up a months saving in travelling by autorickshaws
  • When man at the wine shop looks like you gave him an impossible SUDOKU to solve when you ask him ‘do you have Smirnoff?’
  • Wine shops sell some obscure brands like MGM Whiskey and ‘Vannila’ Vodka more than other brands the rest of India has heard of.
  • Bar tender asks you ‘so how many will you have tonight’ when you place the first order for a drink, because he has to climb two flights of stairs to get each drink
  • When the person selling ANYTHING is unaware of the fact that any transaction involving money means the buyer looks for value of some kind

Wait for a more detailed post. Am seriously stressed out here. Have a helluva ranting to do.