And so I left my hungry employer. And what timing it was. A few months after I quit, my ex employer opened the gate and let the hunger out.

As for me, I have been really off this blog for so long it seems to have caused untold trauma to several regular readers. With lack of new prose to read, many of them have had to force themselves to do some work at the office in the extra time.

This blog has had history. I am almost reaching the one hundred posts mark. There has been joy, laughter, tears, goose pimples, anger, sadness and cheer in the few years that it has existed. And on few occasions, those emotions have even actually been a result of one or two posts right here. Some of my die-hard fans write long mails to me when that happens. In fact one particular fan seems to have developed obsessive tendencies and has been repeatedly imploring me for a chance to meet personally. However I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been tactfully avoiding those. These obsessive fans can be tricky. Besides some casual reference in one of his mails about ‘breaking my fingers when we meet’ makes me a tad uncomfortable.

But I digress. Where were we? Ah yes. History. Despite the long hiatus, my eyes well up and I choke when I think about what a great joy this whole thing has been. You Telecom, Airtel, cable online, they’ve all laughed all the way to the bank. My categories on Life, Insight, Life in Mumbai etc. have had some really powerful thoughts and insights that have changed people and their lives. Many people who thought I was a decent writer have, through this incredible blog, thrown their heads back, given into deep raptures of laughter and learned to make better judgements in life.

But really, why am I writing a post on all this, especially after such a huge gap, you ask. Well, there are a few reasons.

One, I’ll admit is that I’ve been a little more active on my other blog. But you may not like it. Is a serious affair, and such the humour quotient is pretty low there. Maybe even as low as it is here. Besides that’s more of a ‘professional’ blog; all about work and shit like that. By the way, I have a huge following, hordes of regulars and I have managed to gather a good readership there too. And so, I confronted another of life’s big paradoxes. A lot of people find THAT one more funny than THIS one. When I get serious, people find it funny. When I try to be funny, they send fan mails.

Strange is the way things work, I tell you. But coming back, the second reason is that I have been suffering the mother of all writers blocks. My well wishers have been nice and very concerned, and try to help me get over it by asking concerned questions like ‘you sure its a writers block?’

And so, with these thoughts, I sat down, set the clock timer at 15 minutes and tried speed typing whatever came to mind to see if I still have that sting.

Do you think I still do? Feel free to write. Don’t be shy now. I love fan mails, you know that.