The nut is getting lose on the top for all of us.

Especially me. Maybe just me.

We work hard for 50 weeks, working past sunset each day, crouched over bio-un-degradable square plastic pieces arranged on a flat surface to make what is commonly known as a keyboard, so that we may take a week or two off at the end of it to watch a beautiful sunset.

And it’s not only the sunset we are missing.

It’s not only about the sunset.

It’s about the thousands of things that give us untellable pleasure. Small things. Big things. Passing hobbies, perennial passions, little joys, pursuits of larger fulfilment. We compromise each and every one of them right through the year.

So that we may take a few days off to experience what we missed for a larger part of the year.

Much like the fortune tellers parrot that pulls out cards, just for the grain of wheat that comes after the job is done.

Over the last few weeks, I have been buried under waves of work that has left me coming home late, missing my Badminton, Swimming, music, writing, and at least a few hundreds of other more pleasurable things in my life. And add to that few more important responsibilities and duties all of us have in our personal lives.


Since I am taking the rest of the week off, we wrapped up part of an RFP and left early this evening. And I am glad, because I could stop to smell the proberbial rose – for, here is a beautiful sight.

A sight that was always there…every single day…nature, waiting just for a few moments of my attention to give me great gift in return – a little taste of delight, pleasure and untold joy on a plane of mind we are all disconnecting ourselves from more and more.

And may I nudge your attention back to that picture – what a brilliant testimony that rather bad picture of a sunset is to the fact that I haven’t been clicking enough in my free time.