Sometimes in life, we tend to get into a sort of undesirable, tsk-tsk-able  habit or temperament that we persist no matter what we really think about it or what other people – friends, well-wishers, family, ‘elders’, and all those others who think they were born to dispel advise down unsoliciting throats – say. These are things that you know you are better off not doing, but no matter what others say, you just continue to remain in a state of unintrospected daze, almost like some unseen power has you under a negative spell.

Like holding on to a job that is doing you no good. Or taking books from the library that you never read. Downloading pdf documents even when you know you are never going to open them any day in the future even by mistake. Like continuing to watch Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar even when it makes you cringe and shudder.

Like not writing a new post on Pathe even after days and days of saying to yourself  ‘I must make a post today’…

Now like you, there are millions of fans of JustPathe. That’s right, I have 3 million as of last count. Did I hear you ask How do you know? Well, I hired a team to do the research and do the counting. (I am, however, bound to disclose that I had hired the same team that counted votes for US elections before the first term of Dubya – so please factor in a margin of error. Of +/- 99.8%.  Mostly -, I might add)

Anyway, all those fans of JustPathe have been calling, writing, commenting, tweeting [I also don’t write on @JustPathe, btw] and the crescendo of voices of the fans shouting “Post, Post, Post…” has been getting louder.

But, it had no effect.

But then, once in a while, some thing happens or someone says something that shakes you up and snaps you out of your daze and you wake up and see how you have been exhibiting a behavior pattern that is a deviation from your concept of the real you! 

That sort of happened to me a few moments ago. And it has to do with me continuing the state of not-posting a new Pathe.

K, aka Karthik, aka @The_Karthik has declared the current state of Pathe “NeedleGone”.


Not good. If you are not Tam, ask one near you what that means.

Listen up all ye fans of Pathe!!!

The slumber is gone.  Add Pathe back to your bookmarks, subscribe to the feeds, follow me again on twitter and I shall get back to being the real me that you all love.

aill be bak.