You noticed I have been scarce here.

You did, didn’t you?

Just been a little too tied up at work. I’m not complaining, mind you. The times are-a-changing and its good to be busy in these a-changing times.

Ok. Now that we got over the cliched apology for not living and breathing Pathe for such a long stretch, and now that we got over the cliche about the slowdown and now that we got over the shameless show-offing that I still have a job*, lets bring on the main course, boys and girls!

Hold it. Just have a small clarification to make before I tempt your tongues to drool or attract the attention of devious moral police and mutt-a-licks. The main course is not boys and girls.

The Main course, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Just Pathe!

I read this incredibly funny post yesterday and thought I’d do a shameless me-too post in the guise of being inspired by it. This is something I wrote a few weeks ago but didn’t post because I had to attend a conference call just when I was about to click the “post” button. (nudge nudge, wink wink).

So lets move on to some kick ass Pathe putting.

This time, I want to share some of my woes with you. The following incidents actually happen not once, not twice, but as many times as Ramalingaraju lied between 2005 to 2009.  Mmmm…actually not that often.

“Aapka naam?”

“Haan ji. Main Sundar hoon.”

“Haan theek hai sir. Aapka naam sir”

“Main Sundar hoon”

“Zaroor sir. Lekin aapka naam batayiye?”

“Oh…err mera naam Sundar hain!”

“Ji bilkul. Aap sundar ho toh aapka naam bhi bahut sundar hi hoga. Good for you sir. But pehle aapka naam toh batayiye!!”

“Yeah yeah my name is Sundar”

“Of course, sir. Your name too! Good for you. I am not arguing with you. You are holding up other callers, can you please just let me have your name?”

“Ma’am. I am telling you my name. My name is Sundar”

“Oh. Ok Mr.Sundar. Our Rep will get in touch with you soon. Thanks for calling”




*as of Saturday 16.56 pm (IST)