Two recent incidents that have practically shaken the world, must have a mention on Pathe.

One is the Mumbai terror attack. The other is the unimaginable fraud, Satyam.

Both incidents represent capital let down by leaders.

It will be the worst shame if the allegation that our coast guard accepted a bribe to let Kuber sail into Indian waters is proved true.

It will be the worst shame if Ramalinga Raju  had indeed created fake employees so he can siphon off funds (Rs.200 million, not less). Every month.

The incidents represent a crass compromise of our trust. We pledge blind trust on the leadership. And what do they do in return? They pledge their values and their shares.

The mind is numb. Only one thing comes to mind though. A graphic curse expressed in the tone of  surprise and alarm that cannot be typed here*.  But, well, can only be expressed graphically. So you figure out.







*Pathe will remain a hangout blog for the whole family.