Yet another giant leap backwards for the human race.


Picture courtesy : This is My India (ironic, don’t you think?)

What is this all about?

What’s different about us?

Grandmas, Grandpas, Fathers, Mothers, Teachers, Uncles and Aunts. What about all the things Grandmas and Grandpas taught all of us? What about all the things our mothers and fathers have taught us? What about all the things our teachers taught us?

What about them?

Didn’t they have Grandmas and Grandpas telling them stories? Showing the good from the bad? Right from wrong?

What is being avenged? Who has to pay for it?

Pic Courtesy: Boston Globe

What does this woman have to do with it? Why does she have to grieve?

What do you want?

Can a Government give you that? Does the Government have it?

What do you want? Who has it? Where is it? Can you see it? Or is it really hiding?

Yes. It is hiding. Inside you. Ruling you. Blinding you. But it is inside you. Hiding. Trapped, but hiding. Look inside.

It’s anger. It’s hate. It’s trapped. it’s hiding. Blinding you.

But if you really do feel hate, it’s good. For you can feel that much love. 

Look inside, look inside, look inside.