One of my friends is a terrible cook. But he enjoys a reputation of being a good cook though. Reason? Simple. He never announced in advance what he was going to cook.

Whats the big deal, I hear you ask.

Well, he’d finish cooking the dish and then taste it first. And only after that, would he decide what to name it – based on, of course, what it tasted like.  And sure enough there were always oooohs and aaaahs.

Inference: When you set an expectation, you are always measured against that expectation. And when you don’t, you are operating in a new category and you are never put through a harsh assessment.

And why am I saying this? Let me explain.

I had this sudden itch to do a sketch. It has been a long time and a nice picture presented itself to me that seemed like a great subject to subject to sketching. Now, normally I take a few days to a week to do a sketch (size 2 ft by 2 ft). Since it has been a long time, I decided to do a quick rush to see how it feels to be back there. And so I did the one below (24cm X 36cm) in about a 30 min rush.

This is where my good friend, the cook inspired me. I am taking a cue from him, but damn, I cant think of one human who looks anywhere close to this.

Ummm….are you thinking what I am thinking? No, that is not what Dennis Lillee would look like to a cock-eyed drunkard in a smoke filled laser show auditorium reverberating with loud trance and an intoxicated jumping crowd. It is not him. But don’t get your hopes high, because I am not gonna tell you who that is. There is a good reason why I don’t want to.

Because it has turned out terrible. I had to make drastic last minute changes to salvage it so it at least looks like a human. Besides, I don’t want Meena getting mad at me.

Ooops….did I just…..? Damn I don’t believe I said that.

Well, OK. I shall admit the truth now. That was supposed to be a sketch of Meena.  Yes, the ‘fall down’ girl (see this and this for context). A mag recently ran a half page feature and had a nice pic of her and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the charcoal version of that pic. And I shall just name it – “Fall Down” to suggest where my sketching skills are headed lately.

😦 sigh.