Been awfully crazy the last few months. The reason has been mostly this.

Sometimes this.

Been there, posted that.

If links to past blogs start appearing more often on posts of a ‘blogist’, he/she must be aware that he/she is dangerously teetering on the edge of becoming a bore.

But if you are an real writer deep inside the depths of that rib-cage, and if you really are an honest-to-goodness writer of any worth comparable to Tata salt, it will draw you back.

Not disputing that. And indeed it has. I’ve been pulled each night and every weekend and there is this burning urge to write and the fingers itch impatiently.

But what good can itching fingers do when the mind is un-cooperative?

Ah. Maybe the mind is fine afterall. Maybe I just need some cream.

But, at the end of it really, I am only trying to entertain you. So take a look at this and enjoy while I force my mind to volunteer to cooperate.

Thank you Mr Bakshi, wherever you are, whoever you are! 🙂