The music link I mentioned that’s here on the right column at the bottom under Background Music…does it work for you?

Does it stream right or does it play in stops and starts? Just wondering if it requires a big fat broadband connection to work right. On my PC, (the XP wala- and I just had to mention that!) the  streaming in-fact is perfect and the sound is excellent and crisp. If you play close attention you can hear the air rush into Norah Jones’ lungs.

Again, like I’d mentioned, being open-source, the HTML codes get stripped and that’s not letting me put the realactual player here on this page. What that means is a boring unappealing widget for you to look at that doesn’t show the play-list on this same page. And that means one additional click and a new window for you – and that is blasphemy according to How To Win Friends And Influence People and The Catch 22 Immutable Laws of Web-page Experience, Ver Web 2.0.

Anyway, let me know.