What can one say when one is going through a phase of having nothing to say?

One can only try and recollect things that one thought about during the time one went through the exact opposite phase of one having a lot of things to say.

But then when one indulges in jogging ones memory to revive some of ones thoughts, one question inevitably pops up in ones mind:

If one had a lot of things to say at one point of time, and if one has not been able to say all of those things yet, then how come one goes through a phase of having nothing to say?

One of the most important points that one can note here is that the one who goes through these phases must have the one key habit that one must have in order to do justice to all the things one has to say.

Maintain notes. Especially if one writes a blog.

One must maintain a notebook or a small notepad where one can note down all those humorous episodes that one experiences, the lightness one sees in many mundane events of life, or insights thereof that pop up in ones mind – all of which inspires one to write.

If one cannot harness ones thoughts such as those mentioned above, if one cannot seize a spark, if one cannot capture a moment, one might end up missing a chance to find joy in writing a brilliant rendering forever.

And if one cannot share such moments through ones blog, one cannot share the amusement and joy of such moments with all the readers of ones blog, can one?