Starting every morning with an injection of Jaggu and Taranas dose of music, we clog our heads with so many tunes, some great, some good, some mere trash, and many recycled shamelessly

But if you sit down and pause to think of the ones that will stay on top of your mind forever, very few pop up. There is a huge war going on in our heads. The war for top-of-mind recall.

Cast your eyes to the right column of this page.

Notice I have made a musical addition for your entertainment and pleasure. So now every time you visit this blog, you can listen to some music. I have only added about 10 now – some random numbers but I have picked them in pairs of similar titles. (And the embed-script doesn’t work right yet. So you might need to click 2 more clicks – click on ‘popout’ and enable the standalone player. I’ll fix this soon)

So while I was rummaging through the ones that popped up in my head, a very unexpected, quaint tune appeared out of nowhere and also descended on to my lips. It is about a flower.

This small, white, clean and bright flower.

Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)


The Edelweiss.

“Oho, Vella samandiya?” asked mom.

No. Don’t think we have ever seen it here in India. Check this.

But here is how you can find the joy the flower can give, multiplied many-fold.

(if you are already listening to the music from the popout, pl pause the player!)

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courtesy Agapeland