There’s more bad news.

There is research that shows that laziness, sloth and lethargy are going to take over this world. And if this remains unchecked, it can completely edge out things like agility, nimbleness, speed, lightness,  haste, quickness, etc., etc., off our dictionary and, more alarmingly, off our lives altogether.

Kabir, if you have heard about him- the great sant and one of India’s greatest poets, said

“Kaal kare so aaj kar,
Aaj kare so ab
Pal mein pralay hoyegi,
Bahuri karoge kab?”

Do what you have to do tomorrow, today. And do Now what you have to do, today. If  global warming continues and the glaciers and the ice melt and there is a major Orissa-like or 26/7-like flood tomorrow, when will you do the rest?

It is gratifying to know that an incredible poet like Kabir, was born in the 14th century. If he was born now, and, as commented here by S, had used MS Office 2007, with Devanagari script on a Vista laptop to write his Dohe, well, someone writing a blog in the year 3122 might review it for the first time. But if he (Kabir) was in my situation, with access to both XP and Vista then he might be inspired to write the same Doha slightly differently

“Kaal kare so aaj kar,
Aaj kare so ab,
Pal mein Vista load hoyegi,
Bahuri karoge kab?”

Take a look at the incredibly grim situation predicted in 2010.


There may be a reason why it takes 3 years for to take over . It takes sometime to load and then of course, you need to restart the machine!! Nonetheless, that chart is enough reason to believe Pal mein Vista hoyegi. And enough reason to worry about things we need to finish before then.

In the meanwhile, here is a Pathe Research chart that gives a view on the fortunes of a particular man that has only gone up regardless of what he releases.

That one note sticking out there at the top on the last column is mine. I want it back. Because that note has not given me my dollars worth.

By the love of the lord! I can’t seem to get my obsession over the Vista-downside. I’m trying. I am a victim. I feel angry. I feel indignant. I feel wronged.

Just put up with me for a while till I do. You will, wont you?