What an incredible journey it has been. As man evolved, so has his accessory.


Each accessory has brought its own unique shifts in abilities, thinking, culture, direction…and each accessory has defined, facilitated, fanned and spurred the creation of the next. 

As the accessory got more sophisticated, the next level of evolution has taken less time, making the whole cycle even more rapid with the advent of the technology revolution.

And then something happened. Someone slammed on the brakes when mankind was cruising at a respectable rate of acceleration. 




 Note on Making of “Hey, Don’t Rush Me!”

Search "evolution of man"(GoogleImages) :    0.16 seconds
Copy Original image (3rd from top)      :    0.55 seconds
Paste imgage in folder                  :    1.2 seconds
Open copied image with MS Paint         :    2.2 seconds
Select evolving man in front of computer:    3.5 seconds
Paste,arrange; Paste,arrange; P,A; P,A  :    7.0 seconds
Save as Evolution2.jpg                  :    3.0 seconds
Upload all images                       :    1.00 minute
                         TOTAL(CPU time):1 minute 18.6 seconds
NOTE: No Vista was used in the making of this post.
Only XP was used to to prevent boomeranging of thought and to avoid situation represented in fig. 4