One lazy Sunday afternoon in the house of a young man from the IT industry.

Wife (in the shower): Honey!!?? Where are you? The baby is crying…can you pick him up please!
Honey: Sure, sweets…right after I finish copying some files from the CD.
Wife: Ok!
Honey: Grumble grumble.
Wife: Did you say something to me honey?
Honey: No sweets. Not you. Just that this Vista laptop is taking forever to start up.

Honey starts laptop, inserts CD, selects files to copy, ‘prepares’ to copy. Honey loses himself in this activity.


Wife ( in a voice dripping with extra-ordinary patience, extra-ordinary niceness, extra-ordinary affection): Honey, don’t you want to eat or something? You must be hungry. come to the table, lets have something to eat.
Honey: OK!

Honey comes to the table. Notices a young man sitting next to his wife. Is surprised to see the stranger, but quietly sits down to eat. Takes a few bites.

And soon finds enough courage to burt out –

“I demand to know who this man is!!”
The wife hangs her head.”I knew this day would come. This is Ishant”. Heavy Sigh.
“Ishant, meet daddy. daddy, Meet Ishant”
“What!!?? No way!! “
“Yes, honey. Things have changed. Maybe you should have bought the MacAir. Maybe things would’ve turned out different if you had actually downgraded to XP instead of just thinking about it”