I came back from Bangalore on 21st night. As you can see, it has taken me over a week to make that black dog post. This time it wasn’t because I was lazy or didn’t have anything to say. And it would have changed nothing if the Black Dog had run across the Tarmac a coupla days earlier. No.

There’s a real reason.

Microsoft Windows Vista.

Vista is slow. That’s like saying the Sun rises in the East. Water is a liquid. Or Bill Gates is rich.

A laptop with four times the processing speed as my old desktop running XP, takes three times longer to do a simple operation.

I wanted to transfer a few mp3 files to the vista laptop. I inserted the pen drive. Selected the folder, pointed at the destination folder. And selected paste.

That was on Wednesday at around 8 pm.

I have had dinner, breakfast, lunch and two shaves and the operation is now 90% complete. Ah never mind. I want to devote a whole post on Vista. To make sure I write that before your grand children steal the little time you spend on this blog, I decided I should use an XP machine.

Anyway I was talking about Bangalore and my trip.

When I landed at Bangalore, I noticed nothing much has changed. It was the same small airport I remember from the first time I had walked through when I was in school. Take my word, that was a long time ago. 

But this time, when I stepped out I was in for a rude shock. My head spun and for a moment I felt like running back into the airport from the little entrance meant for dogs. That there was absolute chaos just at the exit is an understatement. After a few minutes of being amidst the state of affairs just outside the airport, the concept of chaos that you and I have in mind seems rather like sipping a nice cocktail on a Hawaiian beach and watching the sun set.

I have no idea how they get that same small airport to deal with what, about 10 times the traffic that existed back when I first walked through that airport? Whats more, today they even allow dogs to hold DogPathe private parties on the Tarmac – sometimes KF crashes into the parties but that’s another matter.

For the rest of my stay in Bangalore, I went through significant mental trauma trying to digest the transformation that had occurred in the city.

The most obvious difference between the Bangalore I knew when I going through my mission “To B.E.”  and what it is now – and I can’t resist it –  is much like  Windows XP and Vista.

What took 5 minutes now takes about 2 hours.

There was more greenery, there were nice houses sitting on generous plots, you could move around the city quickly, both the weather and the people were pleasant and cool, but now there is too much dust, lesser greenery, plots and nicely built houses have become ugly tall apartment buildings – and the people have become impatient, edgy and less friendly.

But it was a good to be in the city again. 

Ah good old Bangalore!