Vijay Mallya must have thought the Black Dog would help his whiskey business soar. But he certainly wouldn’t have thought that it could also stop a Kingfisher aircraft from taking off.

You surely have read the story about the KF airline hitting a dog on the Bangalore runway. If not, click here, here or here for the report.

After reading many googled news reports on this incident, I decided there must be one dedicated to the Dogs point of view. For, except this one by The Telegraph, not one report I’ve seen mentions what happened to the poor unsuspecting dog!

SPCA, where are you? Does your concern for animals only sputter on when you see someone treating an animal badly? Or do you show concern over animals even when there is no major incident? Why didn’t one of you worry about what might happen to the dog or birds or animals if they got on the runway? Have you never heard about stray dogs wandering into the airport? Do you know they use air guns to shoot stray birds (maybe even animals, I don’t know) in the runway? Oh you heard that? But you had a flight at 4pm to catch you say?

Imagine walking peacefully on a nice night, enjoying the cool breeze. You hear some rumbling and lazily turn to see the source of the sound. A massive, heavy piece of machinery is thundering directly at you at speeds you can’t comprehend. And you simply have no time to react. All you can do is gape at the juggernaut and allow it to come and pound you into pulp in less than half a second.

What a shock it would have been to the dog!

The headlines must read, Stray Airplane Kills dog. I sat down and drafted a sort of news article that might tell the dogs point of view. So here is a JustPathe version of how the news would be in a Doggie magazine, (for the doggie, by the doggie, to the doggy). Click to view full image.


We were perhaps better off as barbaric cavemen, because we had a sense of fear of Nature and other species and more importantly, we had this awareness that we are a merely one species among 1.6 million other species sharing this earth.

For all its alleged Silicon Valley of India status, Bangalore airport has only become more an more inept. More on that in a follow up post….