Four days starting today, the Pathe ground-zero will shift about 1000km South-South-East of Mumbai and will be positioned over Benda Kaal city, the city of boiled beans (thats what Wikipedia says but it might actually be Okra, if I am not mistaken. Unga Bengaluru peeps, correct me if i am wrong).

I will take my position on Monday morning, and the squad will do their thing – the machine guns would go off everyday between 9 to 6.

I have been through enough training programs, but the ones that take you out of the city are always welcome. But also considering this will be in the city of boiled beans, I just hope it is less windy than one might expect. For breaking monotony is one thing, but if it is wind, it’s altogether a different mutter. . . Err matter, if you know what I bean ummm mean.

Ah. I wish I had a laptop!