Every moment is painful. Every breath is bated. The mind is numb. Eyes darting to the clock repeatedly to check if some sudden unknown phenomenon of nature has pushed the time ahead faster.

Ah. No such luck.

Waiting till 6.30 pm today, I can see, is going to be very tough.

For, starting 6.30 pm is going to be an experience that will last for 2 hours  or so.

An experience that I have waited for more than 7 years. Consciously that is. I might have waited longer.

For at least over 2 years, I have been calling Shanmukananda Hall and Fine Arts on and off and scrutinising Bombay Times everyday with such expectation for this experience.

TVS. Yes, T.V.Sankaranarayanan is going to orchestrate that experience at Fine Arts today in Chembur. And I am going to soak myself in it.

The first concert I went to was when I was 5 years old at Upasi, near Coonoor where we lived then.  My father had organized that concert.

The last concert of his that I attended was at Thane in 2001.

When I went to meet him backstage after the concert I was still recovering from his electrifying “Notes” that he sang minutes before.

We spoke for a few minutes. “Appa kitta edavadu sollanuma?” he had asked.

With the “Notes” still buzzing in my head, I could only disconnectedly say “Bombaykku aduthadu eppo varapporel? Adikkadi Vaango”.tvs1.jpg

“Vandudaren!” he had said. And over the last few years I’m sure my ill-equipped radar has missed a few concerts.

It is rare you come across an incredible artist who is such an equally incredible person. TVS is such a man. You never know if his art is worthier than the man, or if the man is worthier than his art. They exemplify each other.

Another 4 hours and 40 minutes to go.