There was a time when men hopped on boats as often as we have Pani Puri today, wearing ridiculous hats and tight white pants that would make our own Bollywood’s Helen look like she was wearing bell-bottoms.

These men sailed in the seas searching for non-sea parts through long pipes with one leg on the boat railing and lived life in pursuit of this strange obsession to a never-ending quest of discovering new land.

What was the drive for explorers like Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Jacques Cartier, Roald Amundsen, and good old Christopher Columbus, to name a few? What got them into such a single minded obsession to spot and discover land?

JustPathe commissioned a special research spanning 30 long seconds and concluded it could be a particularly bad argument with the woman in their lives that drove these men to shoot out of their houses and rush right into the High Seas and stay there for months on end. Since they had to return home someday, they cloaked their designs in an alibi of searching for land. 

But parallel research also discovered that these men had certain genes that are till today found in Bombay among a particular group of active humans who have taken to the real estate business. Although this variant of the gene does not compel them into the sea, they have adapted to looking for land on land.

Yesterday, I was reflecting on this deep thought while watching a Hollywood movie, and I realized that these explorers had also happened to contribute heavily to the shape of the world map. Their exploration gave us the first global view of the globe.

But I am just seriously deviating from what I want to say.

What I am trying to say, is that it’s terribly sad that Hollywood has not learned from their efforts or the millions of satellite images that have been beamed back to earth station.

Being a true ‘citizen of the world’, I can’t help but notice how, more often than not, movies from Hollywood tend to portray the ‘world’ as America. This is so ego-centric that it makes a gullible viewer who hasn’t worn the hat of a ‘citizen of the world’ yet, believe that the whole world was limited only to the United States of America. This is particularly true in movies such as Deep Impact, etc. that deal with global, mankind threatening, save-the-race types kick-ass disaster movies.

Here is how Hollywood seems to interpret the effort of all the explorers and all the satellite images.


If Hollywood is salivating increasingly thinking of the growing cinema going audiences in China and India, they better change their concept of the world. In fact, they better erase their concept of the ‘world’ and look at the real picture.

So there.