At 1.30 am on Thursday, hell broke loose. It seemed like a terrible storm was brewing. 6 Bud pints had already been victimised and killed.

He turned slowly to me. Eyes fixed on me. He gave me a menacing look.And now it was my turn to confront the fate of the Buds.

I had just taken perfect aim from a double barrel gun. And shot successfully at myself in the foot.

A friendship that goes back by over a decade was under serious threat. The seams were rapidly snapping off. Every sentence that was uttered was becoming more emphatic than the previous. The decibel meter of the two voices in the room was steadily climbing. The blood pressure was rising and if a bored nurse was around to record it, she would have looked at the mercury in that narrow glass tube with great anxiety.

And it all started with a casual reference to remixing old Hindi songs. No, actually it had started with me showing off a remix I had made of some old number as time-pass*.

And after this for the next 2 hours we debated.

Is a remix a good thing?

Yes. Said I. This particular remix may certainly not be. But yes, its all fair. Its all market forces.

My argument: Yes. It’s all fair in a free world. What works for the Largest Common Denominator works. There cant be any logic or higher reason against it if the LCD wants it. But yes, legal rights and ethical practices need to be addressed. If those are taken care of, then if the LCD wants remix, and if it will sell, its fine.

‘Weknows’ argument: No. The sanctity of the original cannot be compromised. The soul of the original cannot be sold for cheap commercial exploitation. Have the ‘spheres’ to create new beats for the new audience.

Which argument is right?

Dear reader, what do you think about remixing old soulful mixes? Is it wrong to repackage popular old music for the new market?

*No offence to Ashaji! All rights hers. All credits hers. This is just a time-pass garage production of a great song. Not meant for commercial use whatsoever [Ha! Not that it has any future commercially!! :)]