Thing about Mumbai is that anyone will notice the crowd. There’s truth in that. More than apparent. It’s also a very crowed city.During the pilot beat, a rather inconspicuous fact sprang onto my face and stared right back at me. If that stare had gotten any closer, I would have been pecked by the beak of this crow you see here in the first picture. 


This was at Worli. About ten minutes of clicking the sea, skyline and the sea-link construction, it was becoming increasingly apparent that it was going to be a task to take a picture without it having a crow.


And so let me show you some glimpses of the life as crow on the Mumbai Skyline.


But its not just crows. Mumbai might easily have the largest population of Pigeons. I may be factually wrong, but the number of pigeons that are visible seem staggering and it is difficult to imagine there might be more pigeons in any other place, city or country.


Pigeons on a building overlooking the Marine Drive promenade during sunset. The whole family gathers to watch the sun set.


On another building the audience has gathered.


Crows – flying towards the sunset?