The Getoutway of India.

Commissioned in 1911 to mark the visit of King George the V and Queen Mary, in 1948, the last of the Brit troops left from this Gate. Bye bye, TYVM, but VT, BCT, Santa Cruz, Sahar, NH 3, 4, 8, 17  etc shall be our gates of entry. 

Renovation is going on right now around the Gateway. During this pilot visit to the Gateway of India, I couldn’t take a look from close quarters. There must be something significantly interesting about this glorified, hyperventilated room with a great view and prime property address!


We will show them tourists the might of our naval power..


And sometimes even our navels, if they care to see, while we fish for a livelihood


The incredible marine drive promenade. In the building next to the one you see, an apartment was bought for Rs.34 crores couple of days back.


The resplendent Taj. The place oozes charm and elegance and a quaint Indian sophistication. A beautiful sight from outside as much as from inside.


In Colaba a frail animal abusing another.