I saw this video long, really long ago and was reminded of it this morning while I was thinking about the Dumki Theory. This video had made me laugh when I saw it, and I wanted to share this so you can watch it too. That set me off on a search mode and it took me a while before I finally managed to find this for you.


You might have had a chance to see this before. Quite an amazing piece of animation, you’ll agree. What made me think of this and make me want to share it with you? You will find out in a few days.

In the meanwhile, here is another brilliant animation drama that I’d like you to watch.


Other than being noteworthy vids, there are quite a few incredible insights in these stories. Do you see something common in the two?  

What do you see? Pathe back.

                              *Dumki:Pronounced 'doomkey'