There is definitely something strange going on in Santa Cruz west.

Electronic items are beginning to act strange. It happens all of a sudden, and I have not been able to discern any pattern. The TV flickers, the computer fan makes an incredible sawing noise, quite unprovoked.

A bottle of Ching’s Three-in-One-Secret sauce cracked last evening around 7 pm. The handle of the mug came loose when I picked it up to sip coffee. Sometimes when I take a call, the cell phone crackles and signals become weak all of a sudden. Two light bulbs blew up.

And that’s not all. Pigeons that sat on our ledge and made depressing sounds all day have suddenly vanished. The scratching sounds made by two pigeons on the air conditioner can be heard no more.  Has their libido died out? Or have they been silenced by a more significant phenomenon? What could possibly kill the libido of pigeons and drive them away?

Crows have disappeared. The crow’s nest that I could see from outside the bedroom window is gone. The family has apparently moved.

The road outside my house has always looked more like a residential area of dogs where man tried to fit in. But not anymore.  Cats – there were 3 of them – have gone without a trace.

Indeed, something quite eerie has struck Santa Cruz west. Whatever it is has upset the electromagnetic equilibrium and has seriously compromised the local ecological balance over the last week.

The first signs appeared rather inconspicuously. It was a Thursday and I had just returned from Sardar Flute – a shop that sells musical instruments. I had found a Violin I liked.

Everything was normal as I ran up two flight of stairs leading to my home. I could hardly wait to open the box and get a feel of the violin. Its been one of my oldest desires to own one and of course, be able to play it too.

I went through the ritual with indulgence. Applied Resin on the bow, seasoned it. Tuned the strings. At this time I was sitting in the bedroom and because the ac was on, the door and the window were closed.

While I was playing my first notes, the time must have been about 10 past 7 and around 20 past 7, I heard a muffled crack. I didn’t take serious note of it, so I continued. Here is a sample of my indulgence in the violin.

Again there was another louder crack and it was the glass on the window. My jaw dropped.

I was so spooked, I packed the violin and put it away and went for dinner. The eerie events stopped as abruptly as they had started.

But it all began again this morning. A vase fell off the table quite on its own whim. A rather new Parker ball-point pen leaked all over the table.

And, our maid has not reported to work for 3 days in a stretch.

If things won’t change in a few days, I must think of calling some expert to look into these strange goings on.