If you follow American Idol, and did follow the fourth season – that would be early 2005 – you might have followed the progress of a certain Carrie Underwood with much delight.

If you didn’t watch AI that year, but did watch it this year, that is season 6, and followed every episode, you might have had the treat to a brilliant ‘Wasted’ by Carrie.

If you have not had the chance to view AI, and in particular, listen to Carrie Underwood, then just blindly take my word and do something about it! Go buy her CD or borrow it from your lucky friend. Or read on, for I am about to present a link for you.

As for me, I wasn’t part of the 2005 audience, but managed to watch most episodes this year. During the final episodes, Carrie was invited and sang the wonderful number, “Wasted”. Although it didn’t shake me inside my shoes, her 4 minutes certainly twitched my toes.

But what went deeper and really sucked me in was another brilliant song called Jesus Take the Wheel. I thought it was a truly brilliant song. Oh yes, not the best in the world, I’m sure you’ve heard better. I have. But the lyrics, the composition and of course, Carrie’s incredible voice, are a real combination and it did, I must admit, shake me up in my shoes.

Well, perhaps it won’t appeal to you as much if you don’t understand what all that shouting is about. So take a look at the lyrics here. Then listen to the song.

Such a simple story that tells the reality of despair and hope being so closely weaved into our lives.

You can’t hope if you don’t go through despair. From Despair springs Hope.

But here’s the bottom-line. Once in a while, all of us need a good jhatka in our life to set our minds straight and behave!

Click here to listen and view.