And then, after a traumatic week we confront the great Weekend Syndrome.  

We want to do something special. Something different. Something new. With close friends. Friends that can enhance the glory of the weekend. Preferably those that don’t remind us of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. In other words, friends outside our work life.

And so that’s how I stare at every weekend. With hesitant cheer and ample eagerness. And a lot of hope. 

The effect of the syndrome is inversely proportional to how pleasant the week was. Which means if your week was bad, the syndrome hits you more hard. The Traumatized Mumbaikars’ head throbs when he/she tries to find that brilliant way to squeeze the most out of the weekend.

And then things become fairly predictable. Friend/s call the Traumatized Mumbaikar. Or the TM calls friend/s. (Friend could be boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, sibling, wife, or simply a friend)

Friend : Hi, What are you doing this weekend?
TM      : Nothing much. What about you?
Friend : Nothing planned yet. What do you wanna do?
TM      : Umm….what about you?
Friend : I don’t know. Movie?
TM      : No. Boring.
Friend : Aray Yaar, lets do Something na!
TM      : Ok. What?

This, this and these are considered. And rejected for various reasons.

All this reminds me of something from a LONG time ago, a simply brilliant reflection of our state of affairs on weekends, and I just had to dig it up from one of my old tapes and present it for your pleasure.

Saturday Morning. TM and a friend on call.

The perfect activity for this weekend?

No one quite knows what it is or where to find it, but its a chase everyones undertaking!

 Thats boring. Count me out man.

So, Now what!

And so it goes — — —

You remember this don’t ya? OK, here it is in full length.


And looked up a YouTube vid of this if you fancy it!

Audio clips courtesy Walt Disney