I had a mad teenage hobby. The kind that dangerously teetered to the obsessive side of the fense. Like most teenage hobbies and habits, it was rather annoying  – to the rest of the world that is. And that, true to a teenhardy line of thought, perhaps added to the general joy and charm of the hobby,  and made it more appealing.

The hobby involved being subjected to a rather intense onslaught of high frequency waves for one thing. And capturing the frequencies in a plastic box for another.  A plastic box a.k.a. radio.

Since frequencies and wavelengths were involved, you don’t have to be well endowed in the space separating your two ears to conclude there might also have been some level of acoustic chaos in the immediate surroundings. 

And so, a  regular feature around my immediate surroundings was blaring sounds that spewed out of my room though the door and windows – here is a sample –

Oh what joy! If you were hooked too, you’d right away spot this very familiar preamble to the hobby. One of the regular items on my main course involved human vocal sounds that in some way found some resonance and vibed well with me. Here is the sample.


Can you identify this frequency? Do you recognise the voice? The rather familiar voice many shortwave radio enthusiasts I know were hooked to.

Did the wave effect grab you too?