And women fry noodals?

Men on 4th floor try both. The sissys go for Bred Batter. And the in-betweens go for ‘ummm….uhhhh…ek woh deeejeeeye” and “aur ek woh deejeeeye”.

Life is slightly different here on the 4th floor. You can have Akka Masur without being put into the category of a cannibal. Or have Butt Scotch – or Butt Scrotch. Just dont hold on to it too tight. The Gombo Meel is sometimes good too, so long as its not Batora. The last time i had Cumboa Mele containing two glimmering circular rubber mats called for some reason Batura, I was soaked in Palmoil from head to toe. I left a trail of oil as I walked and a huge commotion of various people going ‘Aaaaaah..thud’ and ‘Oooooo…thud’ behind me as i walked on to the washroom. I am sure they were laughing at me, the asses. Like they’ve never seen a man all soaked in oil ever. So i turned with the sternest look I could muster, only to realize what a smarty-pants bunch of mockers they were. They tried to fool me by letting me think that they were too pre-occupied slipping and falling than to be mocking at me. Some of them were going ‘Weeeee’ across the floor and some were ramming themselves foolishly against chairs and cubicles. One guy did a flipflop and almost touched the cieling with the toe on his right leg.

I Couldnt care less. I just went ahead into the wash room to unsoak myself. What we Tambrams do on Diwali around some 4am i was doing everyweek on Betora day.

Theres no hope for me, what.

Well, so shove Batura. You could just go in for a Die Lunch on days T is not available.

In the evening you can chillax with a Mounton Do and have Maggy Noudul.

Welcome to the 4th Floor canteen. Where the letter said the better. I mean, the lessor said the bater. I mean the leaser sad the beter. Oh never mined.