A few moments ago, I stumbled on a jolting insight about myself.

I tend to be more an observer of my life rather than an active participant.

Corollary –

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Those that actively participate in life. Get into it. Like the soulful actor that gets into his role, becoming one with the character. And is able to forget that he is acting. Cry genuinely, feel the pain of the character, feel hurt, laugh, feel anxious. Letting the character merge with the Here-And-Now.

And then there are those that observe their lives, watch it from outside, live it with curiosity and amusement. Not quite becoming one with the character. Those that can be the audience and clap and laugh and snigger and get bored and applaud and boo at the actor. Those that can be the actor, always aware of being an actor. Never letting the character merge with Here-And-Now.

Just a brief ramble I wanted to share with you. Just a thought. About something or the other.

Which one are you?