Here I go again. Come here. Sit here next to me.

All of a sudden, I have this overwhelming, overpowering impulse. I want to open my heart to you and share this intense feeling I have right this minute. And I want you to appreciate this moment of mine by understanding more precisely how I feel. So allow me spare a moment to accurately describe how this feeling feels.

You step into a swimming pool at the chest-high-water end. Wait. Not my chest-high-water end. I’m talking your chest-high-water end. I don’t want you getting in at the 3 feet end. That would not give you the feeling I am trying to establish in your prose interpreting mind.

So you get into this pool… and oh yes. I know your secret! Before you got in you knew you would encounter cold water welcoming you in. I know you stood there for a few moments contemplating the water. Then you looked around. Watched distractedly at people, yeah you did notice that fat man with his belly spilling over so much that it almost covered his swimming trunk. One bountiful trunk covering a rather skimpy trunk. Skimpy, perhaps only in contrast. Judging by that ample waistline, it was probably stitched out of an old tent. Not quite out of place for that tent in any case. Because you also noticed a forest just about a foot north, right there on his chest. Then there was this little girl, part of her hair has escaped the rubber band and was falling over her face. ‘So cute’ how she comes out gasping for air, but encounters more hair than air. ‘Awww so cute’ how she pushes back that hair in several quick strokes every time she comes out of the water. And then there’s that big man on the diving board. Let me wait for him to jump and swim away, you thought. Will he make the perfect dive? You then looked at the sky, perhaps felt a breeze and thought about the cold water immediately. All that rigmarole. I know. I know.

Damn. This is terrible. I am a disaster. Pull me back, pull me back. I keep derailing.

So……yeah the prarallel I am trying to draw to this overwhelming feeling that i’m feeling.

When you finally do slip into the pool, the water rises to your chest (or you sink down to your chest, whichever you like). And then you give this soft, stifled, silent gasp. Remember that gasp? Remember that feeling?

Remember? That’s it! That’s it! That’s the one!

That’s how I am feeling now. I just got a similar overwhelming wave. I feel like opening my heart to you. I want to throw open its doors and windows to you.

I want to share with you that I have this overpowering feeling to Pathe right now.

Oh! Waitaminnit! Did I just…..?

Oh well, thanks anyway. Now i feel like I just invited someone to my house when they’ve already arrived. Thanks anyway for being there. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being such a friend.