And then, there is this friend of mine.the-feather.jpg

Intelligent, witty, clever, wise, kind. And hopeless. Hopeless because he just cant find his niche. He wont take a job. Gives in to an easy state of equilibrium – a no energy state.If you can’t decide what to do, what do you do?

We all have at least one friend like that. Someone you just KNOW can do so much better, but does not. Who could be better off, but won’t be. Who could be in a much better job, but is not. Who could be in a much better career, but is not. Who could be more satisfied, better paid, but just won’t move his ass.

We all have at least one person we know close to us who seems to prefer to drift. Who prefers not to see the truth of the real world, who prefers not to let that truth shake him into action. Who seems to go through life in a daze. A perpetual state of complacence Almost like he took sleepwalking to a whole different level – sleepliving. Who just cant overcome inertia.

And time passes, and the years pass and our friend refuses to change, stuck with that one thought or that one quest or with one desire, and refuses to discard that purposeless thought, hopeless quest, impossible desire, to just get up and smell the coffee. A dream that will never be realized, for he just wont awake from his slumber.

And he drifts.feather.jpg

Like the feather of a bird on the ground. Moving when there is a gust of wind. And settling back gently into a state of rest. Another gust and it rises up twirls a little, dances in the air, shows its brilliance against the light and settles again. And again gives us joy with the next gust with its grace and charm.

Alas. What a purposeless existence. If only it knew its rightful place and stayed there, how it could have made a bird fly, swoop and soar!