Sab Kuch Teak Hai!

Hello again and welcome back to pathe on . My block, “Pathe”, has been on a longer holiday than I was myself blessed with. One of the first rules in starting a block is regular posting. I didn’t and don’t intend such long gaps between posts. When you are on the blocking mode, you want your audience to come back regularly and enjoy the block. If your gaps begin to widen, your readers may realize they in fact love the gaps more than your block! And then they long for the gaps. They may still come back to your block, but don’t be fooled. That they only do only to heighten the pleasure of the gaps. Oh I am so not for giving you that pleasure!!!!

You might think I have a bad cold. Nope.

You might think a Blog becomes a Block only when you have cold that impedes acceptable jugalbandi of the mouth and the nose. Nope. I didn’t say Block cuz I have a cold. I’ve not added a post for over 2 weeks now. I had planned a good long break.

Two long weekends, and the whole of the week that got sandwiched between the two and between Xmas and new year. As my luck would have it, and owing to a few shortcomings of mine such as planning in advance, putting foot down, respecting oneself and ones break, acknowledging the importance of a holiday and so on and so forth, it turned out that the long holiday became as long as just 3 days. One of the sides of the sandwich came off. And 2 days from the filling came off. And all I was left with was Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. With 1 whole day devoted to travel, that left just 3 days. Considering the completely rural mode of travel, it required at least a day to recover from the journey. And so I had a long holiday that was effectively 2 days. Although the whole world around me took 10 days off – the whole complete sandwich, owing to my sense of self importance, unjustified I must add, I decided not to take such a long break from work. And thought I would write a lot while I was at Gir.

Not! So Not! I want to meander off for a bit to confess something. That Para you just read…I wrote it a week back. Such is the block. A writer’s block. That’s what I think happened. And that was the ground on which I developed a thought that I should call this Block instead of Blog.Pathe at Now that makes sense.

I did tell you that meri maa Gir gayi. Phir 3 weeks ke baad main be Gir gaya. It was a very refreshing visit. The air nippy and the lions as much jeep friendly as camera friendly. Its not generally easy to encounter lions in Gir when you Safari about in a jeep. Thanks to Meena, I actually was able to manage about biting distance from two lions. Roopsundari and Devraj. They had just had a meal and were resting. They did see me nosing about them. The lady lazily raised her head to see what trick I was attempting every time I shuffled my feet. I could tell they were annoyed. I could tell they were quite resigned too. “Roopsi (short for Roopsundari in growl language), lets not bother with this jerk. Hes boring meat. You can tell he is totally tasteless, not to mention classic junk food and quite fattening.” “Oh! Are you cubbing? (For kidding. These lions are funny!) Mating seasons just round the corner and I don’t want my figure all pumpkinized again. Besides I don’t want to get my paws dirty with 3X+ blood. He is dumb enough to scare himself away on his own. Is he one of the humans? Why does he have that funny nose?”

“Jeez Roopsi, 4 years in this jungle and you think that’s his nose? That’s his camera. He’s just so edgy he’s pressing it tight against his face even when he’s not clicking”

I could hear them muttering low growls to themselves. And then they rested their heads back to sleep.

But we had fun. All I could see in the jungle was dry leaves, so dry that one step makes a huge ruckus. Dried leaf off Teak trees. Teak trees every where and I for some reason I was fascinated by them. Not quite the trees themselves really, but more the leaves. As I was leaving the jungle for the last time, I announced “is jangal mein sab Teak Hai!!” Meenas field assistants had a big laugh at my silly pun. I’ll put a picture in my next block. Not of my silly pun, silly. I meant the teak leaves.

But heres Roopsi the lioness that made derogatory remarks of me. See her considering me lazily.


Mmmm…….nice lunch…………………………….What was that?……………………….Oh Dev, its just some junk.  


Did i hear something?……Yes, theres a sound! I see it…..Thats a man..Oh it doesnt look edible..just junk food.

People, I am back. Comment. I did comment back on some comments of people who commented. Look at the earlier “PatheBack” link of the earlier Block post.