So it’s the long weekend. Some of you, I know, are thoughtful, organized people who can keep a Things-To-Do list, and what’s more, pull it off, striking each activity off with aplomb as you complete it. Well, if thats indeed you, then you have something planned for these three days.

As for me, well I’m home. I didn’t plan ahead.

I’ve dealt with Things-To-Do lists from the time I was in junior school. And I must say, as if you had no clue, I am a miserable flop at them.

Making time table for exam study and all that. Of course, that had other objectives built-in, like wasting time in order to delay as much as possible, the insurmountable trauma of opening a text book!! A

nd since i touched on that, i must tell you this – I remember my dad mentioning on more than one occassion to mom or to an assortment of friends, relatives or visitors “if you really have to hide something from Sundar, simply slip it inside his text book”.

A list of Things-To-Do.

Never worked for me. I could never recall anytime having ever gone past item one on the list. I’ve even tried beating this shortcoming by making the idea itself part of the idea :

Things-To-Do Today

1. Follow this list religiously.
2. Clear the Table and consolidate bills and bank statements.
3. Are you following 1 above?
4. Buy New Year greeting cards for People.
5. Make a list of People.
6. Be sure to do item 2 above.
7. Have you done item 5 yet?
8. No, item 5 can’t be before item 4.
9. Ok have you done item 4?
10. How can I do 4 before I know whom the cards have to be bought for?
11. Don’t give up yet.
12. Try jogging in the morning. It clears the head.
13. Need a clear head to wake up at 6 am.
14. Don’t defeat yourself by uselessly arguing. Deadline: 5 PM.
15. Do 18 Now.
16. Have you completed the 43 items from yesterday and the last weeks’ Things-To-Do?
17. Ok. Give Up if it’s too overwhelming.
18. Do 15 Now. Review list once more. Persevere.
19. Have you done ANYTHING today? Make a list of things you did today.
20. If you are at 20 just curious to see whats at 20, go back to 1.

Commmmmonnnnn!!! Just go swallow a Hippo! Thats not me! I have better things to do than things to do.

Yeah right.

Ok. Its that time now when you have to come face to face with facts and with your head down, face facts. All this, is in fact a DNA level feature. Just like TVs or Digicams or mobile phones have dozens of models – 804, 804E, 6600, 6600i(the i is in italics, mind you. We do pay prodigious attention to detail here!), 6600i+ with Bluetooth and so on, some models have certain features, some don’t. My DNA model didn’t have any such advanced features. I think my folks didn’t want to bother with such features.

“whats the use? Why does he ever need to plan anything? He’s never gonna do anything so important that he would need to plan. Ok give us the basic model with basic features please. We essentially want something that is low maintenance, fairly long life with good mileage, and can just manage on its own, even without the Advanced Planning implants. And minimum Memory and processing capability will do thank you.”

True. You don’t need a supercomputer if all you are going to do on your computer is use Notepad.

So anyway…the long and short of it, I am at home. Theres even no office to go to. Sitting here, watching a day pass by uselessly. No this to do. No that to do. Not putting the day to good use. Not even sleeping. Oh how could I sleep? If I do, I would catch up on much deprived sleep, become fresh and so on and that means the day would become useful! That certainly doesn’t augur well with my purpose of existence does it?

Well, at least I was of some use to you by being able to help you strike off “Read Pathe today”.

Merry Christmas.