Oh I can tell this is going to be quite painful. Not to mention, emotional.

Oh yes. It is terrible to even write about it. It’s my mom. Meri Maa Gir Gayi!

Like most moms, she has this terrible, totally disagreeable tendency to get old and it really does unsettle me.

And now just when my head is consumed by such thoughts, my mom goes ahead and does something. Usne kya kya kiya – ye sunke aap ko bhi tension ho jayegi. Meri maa, Gir gayi!


Well before I actually tell you the sad, and rather disagreeable, I must admit, details, I should tell you first a little bit about the mental state that she prevailed in before the series of events that built up to the grand finale, the very core subject of this discussion.

Well, she has been living with me for a few years now, putting up with, the poor lady, my crazy hours and what you might describe as an utterly, unholy demeanor with which I live my daily life. Especially those chapters of life that I live around her presence, my good ol’ mother. If you will permit me to read your mind, and, lets not pretend and ignore here, the extent of compulsion that you feel towards being nice to me influenced by the sense of obligation from being the good friend that you are, you are thinking, “Hey, you’re not THAT bad”. Indeed, you’re right. I am not THAT bad. I am actually worse. Don’t believe me? Call my mom. Go on. Speak to her.

Ever on the edge to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of my life, she slept to suit my hours, cooked to suit my hours, decided the menu to suit my fancies, decided her favorite TV serials around my movements and timings, and there’s more I could keep going on about.

At the back of my mind I knew it was not fair for her. She must take a break or something. Take a holiday. From me. A good long break that will free her from my oppressive demands and put the proverbial song back on her lips. Umm… that would be something from a black and white movie, perhaps Rafi. More likely a number by Lata than by Asha when she was a few centuries younger – btw when will she ever quit the scene?

I don’t mind confessing into your ear that I am rather bored of the two. I mean they were great and all that and still are. But I can’t take more of them anymore. They should just build the flyover, 2 inches right above their oversized noses, get them angry and when they threaten to quit India, please lets all step aside, look distractedly at the civil engineers lunch boxes or the sky or the pigeons on the ledges, and whistle the tune of ‘sau saal pehle..”.

Lets make the pact. We won’t stop them. Let them pack off in a huff and go to Reykjavík or someplace out of sight like that. They may leave their legacy of thousands of cassettes and CDs in Planet M – Golden Collections and Magical Moments and Everlasting Hits and the rest of them – I am sick of the whole bit to my ears and every time I go to Landmark or Crossword or Planet M, I become selectively blind to a section of the shelves displaying the treasure. In return, and for having captured our fancies with their crooning, we will continue to be loyal to their tunes and hum them from time to time. And on special occasions like the one my mom will have with the break away from me, which, I insist, is important to her.

And if that didn’t happen I knew I would be the one getting a break. Right here on my skull.

But it’s a very delicate issue if you want to know the truth. If you are ever in a similar situation, be mindful of the fact that suggesting a break for your mom from you is an extremely sensitive subject and you must exercise all caution while you broach it. “You want me to go? Am I getting in the way? Am I cramping your style? Am I becoming a burden? Am I being a nuisance?” these are some sample reactions you might expect.

And yet again, my mom surprised me. Apparently she didn’t think in the narrow way I probably do. I experienced none of those reactions from her. Nor did she jump at the suggestion either.

Those are the moments you subconsciously, candidly just smile within and thank the Lord for making you so lucky. Is jindagi mein aur kya chahiye?

Subah mein twist. Meri Maa Gir gayi. 😦

Twist mein complication. Meena Bhi Gir Gayi!

My world crashed around me. It was worse than I thought. I just couldn’t handle it. Its one whole week since.

And today I am booking my tickets to Gir too.