Thanks for coming back.

Either you like my Pathe, or this is your first visit. Or, if you’d let me take the liberty to hazard a guess, you have a morbid curiosity to the things I write. Which is fine really!

Incidentally, Pathe is a Tam word. And it just dawned on me that I must explain the name of this Blog. JustPathe. JustPathe? I’m sure your wondering what hit me on the head. Well, the truth, I am afraid, is boring. Nothing really did hit me on the head. The only last thing I can’t remember hitting on the head, (or was it the other way – my head hitting on something), was falling on the floor right around the time I turned about 4 days old. The mid-wife sneezed as she was transporting me from my aghast mom to my aghast dad. And they (all four parties involved, I’d imagine) heard a crunch – a sound very similar to the kind you hear when a 4 day old baby hits a Chennai floor with its head after traveling from 4 feet above. If only you’d seen the bump on the poor babys head. It zoooped up and swelled generously.  The poor baby has had to go through life ever since with an oversized head. Of course there were other side effects of being dropped on the head, but I shall gracefully refrain from discussing those.

And so here I am sitting here with an ostentatious Tam head, keying in Pathe for your pleasure.

Oh, you aren’t Tam? Well, then I must plunge deeper into what Pathe means after all. Firstly, its not pronounced ‘Pathay’ And it’s not short for Seethapathy or Ganapathy or Raghupathy. Or the pathi of some Tam girl with jasmine propped up and skillfully held up by oiled hair. Slippery-when-oily notwithstanding.

It’s not pronounced ‘Pathee’ either. Its ‘pæthth’ and yeah, like I said, its Tam. Actually, a clipped version of the Tam word, Peththal. (Tam, incidentally, stands for ‘Tamil’ in Inglish, and Inglish, incidentally, stands for Indian English in English – just in case you didn’t know).

Well so, after years of thinking, years of restlessness, years of enduring a constant itch to write, I found a beginning a few weeks ago. This Blog. And I wanted a name that can capture what I want to do with the Blog, what I do through it. What I do in it. It wasn’t going to be just opinion. Not exclusively politics or Cricket or careers or jobs. Not education. Not travel. But yes everything. In fact anything. Amounting to nothing. Strictly.

In short, rambling, uttering, whining nonsense. Pathe!

There is no single word in English that can capture the essence of Pathe. Pathe essentially is a digressive, excursive, meandering, swanning, pointless ramble. And all you’ll see here is just Pathe. Ergo, JustPathe. And ergo Pathe.

Pathe is a beautiful word. Not just for what it stands for, but for HOW it stands for what it stands for. For the simple reason that it conveys a very accurate description of a very broad category, yet singularly unique style of speaking. And the interesting part is that its definition is not just limited to the style of speaking, but also embraces beyond that to include the nature of content of the said speech.

For those of us who spent mindless hours at Purus drinking teee teeee, having an occasional ‘barotta’, scooping up aafbaayil (for half boiled egg, actually a bull’s eye sunny side up and all that) up from a plate and dunking it entirely in the mouth, Pathe is an everyday word. It was Srini who christened it Pathe. We went to Purus to ‘put Pathe’ And JustPathe, I must acknowledge here, is Srinis copyright.

So my objective was that if this blog was a person, then he (it would most certainly be a guy!!) would identify with the word totally, and know Pathe was his true calling. And would have been with us at Purus, putting top of the line, cutting edge Pathe with the rest of us.

That’s what I want out of my Blog.