I see you wear a watch. But do you have time? Do you feel your watch more often than not communicates to you in a rather discomforting, disapproving, rolling-the-eye fashion, telling you time and again you are late – yet again? well, join the club.

For years I have been slave to my watch. I have so patiently put up with its holier-than-thou attitude. Always heard it tell me I am late, always telling me time was running out, and always reminding me I need to be one step ahead, to be on top of things, to be in control, to be better at managing my time. And then I gave up. Threw the darned watch with the biggest attitude ever. The next watch wasn’t better in any sense. Same thing. Threw that too. Quit wearing a watch altogether.

Without a watch, life got worse. Not only was I continuing to be bad with my time, I didn’t know HOW bad.

Work. That was it. All these years. That was the cause. I picked up my poor watch and shifted my indignation to my work. Work that had consumed the most part of my awake time for years. And that knowledge didn’t help for another few years. I could never do what I wanted to do. Cuz there was no time!

A Blog! And so I begin my attempt at reclaiming a part of me that I loved, that I allowed to atrophy. And here I am, having just created my own Blog, typing my first ever.